"Знаете ли Вы, в чем смысл нашей жизни?"

«Долгая дорога домой» на STRAIGHT-JACKET Guerrilla Film Festival - 2019

Philosophy of the Festival


Known & Unknown.


STRAIGHT-JACKET Guerrilla Film Festival wants to show you a surrealistic world, the FOOD FIGHT that is life.


We crave your courageous voice for mind-expanding cinema.

No film must go left or right, but ZIGZAG

Allowing your film mistakes to be SPOTLIGHTED. The gift of anti-beauty as the new beauty.


WE are not concerned about your madness, we


Founded in 2015 by underground filmmakers Laura Grace Robles & Fabrizio Federico in order to touch base with all the alternative filmmakers from across the world, especially young directors seeking a platform to explode onto the ever growing international film scene.


The mood of the festival is vivid and the films chosen will represent the cream of the Enfants Terribles of international cinema. A springboard for filmmakers to create their own micro-budget epics.

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